A proposed approach to measure inflectional degree of languages.

Ming-You Pai & Ching-Pu Chiao, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, ID CLEaR2017-419;      Abstract: In this research, we provided quantitative approaches to measure the inflectional degree of various languages. Twelve important languages, in term of population and economic power, were selected as the targets of this research. English was treated as the normalized language to evaluate the degree of other selected languages. 100 words were randomly chosen from the most frequently used in English and translated into other language respectively. At least two native speakers of each language were asked, after appropriate training, to evaluate the inflectional degree of these words. In addition, 50 most frequently used sentences were also chosen from English and translated into other languages. Respondents again were asked to examine the inflectional degree of these sentences. Final inflectional degree was the integrated combination of the inflection of the words and sentences.

Keywords: Inflection language, Morphological Analysis, Typology

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