An Analysis on Role of Communication Techniques in Success of Construction Projects

Zjila Darvishi Postin Doz, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran, ID CLEaR2017-407;        Abstract: There may be a danger of the construction industry not keeping pace with the advances in management efficiencies that have become common-place in the general business and management environment. Communication is among important factors in the construction industry, and often problems in construction projects management are referred to as  communication  problems.  Due  to  its  specific  characteristics,  the construction industry  requires  a  complex  communication  environment which  is  usually a  fragmented  and  dynamic  sector  with  a  project-based  nature.  This  makes  many  stakeholders  operate  in  frequently  changing  sets  of  relationships which  are  contractually  created and driven. 

The  goal  of  this  research  is  to  discuss the role of  communication  in  construction project management, especially large scale projects in Iran.  To define  the problem  in  more  detail  and  to  define  a  more  specific  research  goal,  the  paper will  start with  two  studies; literature  on  communication  in  construction  and interviews  with  experts  in  the construction industry of Iran.

Keywords: Communication, Literature, Management, Project

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