An EFL College Low-achievers’ Reading Classroom: anxious or self-motivated?

Dr Pei-Ling Yang, Oriental Institute of Technology, Taiwan;     Abstract: The purpose of this action research, based on the concepts of Krashen’s Input Hypothesis, is to explore the effect of English picture books on EFL college low-achievers’ levels of anxiety.  English picture books have been claimed to raise EFL learners’ learning motivation and to promote independent learning and thinking.  However, there is little research focusing on English picture books and learning anxiety. The study involved 46 participants who college English low-achievers.  The instruments for the study were a set of elementary GEPT tests, learners’ background questionnaire, and anxiety questionnaire.  Each participant was required to read English picture books alone and to write down feedbacks to each book for one academic semester.   On-site teacher observation and post-interviews were also conducted after the study.  The findings showed that the college low-achievers had lower levels of English learning anxiety and gained more self-confidence.  This study results provided evidence that English picture books could be included into curricula to help EFL low-achievers eliminate the uneasiness mind of learning.   

Keywords: Input Hypothesis, EFL learners, English picture books, low-achievers



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