Association as part of linguistic image of the world Standard verbal responses – potential tool of effective acquisition of language competences

Zuzana Kováčová, Slovakia, ID CLEaR2016-347;      Associative experiment, reviving in cognitive linguistics as an experimental method, can be the basis for effective language acquisition. In the case of language acquisition it is intentional formation of ties or connections between words and language knowledge. Based on experimental methodology, responses in the form of associations can be obtained by users of different languages, subsequently adequate strategy operations can be voted. In this study we bring examples of verbal responses of users of two languages - Slovak and Spanish language. We divided the responses into two groups, paradigmatic and syntagmatic. It is getting and defining a typical standard of verbal responses that are later systematized by frequency. Verbal responses represent the connection between the outside world and its vision named by given lexeme in the relevant language. The result is a fragment of associative-verbal network as a graphic model. The association diagram in the form of a tree chart gives us an idea of how a dictionary/lexicon is organized in the mind of a man - the wearer of a particular national language.

Key words: experiment, image of the world, language acquisition, verbal responses, associations



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