Attitudes of the Zanjan Medical University Students toward Oral Presentations in ESP Classes

Giti Karimkhanlooei, Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, Iran, ID CLEaR2017-410;    Abstract: This project takes a functional approach to oral presentation by the students in order to examine the attitudes of the medical students toward oral presentations in ESP classes. It focuses on the presentations delivered by the students to find out particular viewpoints and their attitude concerning the usefulness of taking this approach. Such an analysis of the viewpoints and
attitudes can provide insights and explicitly show how the ESP classes can be retired of boring classes. The study addresses an issue that concerns both teachers and students at academic levels, i.e., how to apply effective methods and make the class more favorable. The article reflects on the continued momentum of the debate regarding English for specific purposes with a shift of attention to help learners communicate in the globalized age interconnectedness in all aspects of contemporary life aligning the key voices in ESP classes with an emphasis on oral presentations. This approach is best defined by the consumers which mean the students who listen to their peers while presenting their materials orally. The attitudes, meanwhile, embody the key voices of the
learners which hinder them to be active participants and presenters in their classes. Based on the outcome of the study, this paper further delineates the pedagogical implications for oral presentations in EFL

Keywords: ESP( English for Specific Purposes), Oral Presentations, Attitudes, Students of Medicine

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