Causative connectors, the difference between pragmatic and semantic connectors and their grammatical function

FABIANA VELENCIA, ALBANIA, ID CLEaR2016-380;        The paper discuses connectors, the connectors will be analyzed in natural language and in abstract structures. The question related to the difference of the pragmatic connectors that expresses the relation between speech acts, and the semantic connectors that give the relation between donated facts. The scholar Teun van Dijk analyses the position of these connectors in a sentence and describes the characteristics of the causative connectors, cause-effect. Based on the grammatical theory of causative linkers in English language and the Albanian language, the researcher’s analyze the corresponding of each connector and the different approaches of these linkers. How do they position themselves in the sentences and what grammatical function do they have: preposition, adverb, verb, noun, prepositional phrase, linker (connector).
Keywords: pragmatic connectors, semantic connectors, English language, Albanian language, cause-effect, grammatical function.



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