Cultural challenges of Large Scale Construction Projects in Metropolitan Areas of Iran

Zhila Darvishi Postin Doz, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran, ID LLCE2017-122;      Abstract: Project management was in the early days treated as a form of art, rather than a field of science as it is today. Construction projects in the Iran, especially large scale ones are composed of highly diverse management teams.  One of the most important tools for a project manager is the ability to communicate a shared vision of the project, which gives the coalition members meaning to their separate tasks. But, presence of many different backgrounds, cultures and languages among the project participants has the potential to create numerous cultural and communication challenges.  This study demonstrates that these conflicts arise due to the presence of status hierarchies, divergent norms and  values,  communication  barriers,  etc.    Therefore  in  order  to  mitigate  these  challenges  and  their  adverse  effects  on   construction   projects,   several   challenges and  strategies   currently   employed   to   resolve   them   along with  recommendations will be addressed.  

Keywords: Construction, Management, Project



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