Digital tools in teaching literature

Prof. Jakov Sabljic, University of Osijek, Croatia

In this paper, the use of computers and digital tools in teaching literature is analyzed, as well as the prevalence of various multimedia content aimed at modernizing teaching literature in elementary and secondary schools. The research aims to examine the prevalence of multimedia content in teaching literature in primary and secondary schools and to assess the attitudes of language and literature teachers regarding the need for introducing modern technology in teaching and the future of such teaching. A total of one hundred respondents, teachers of Croatian language and literature, participated in the research. Considering all the positive and negative responses presented in the survey results, it can be concluded that personal computers in teaching literature have already gained significant importance and have successfully integrated into the teaching process for most teachers. One of the clearest conclusions that can be drawn from this research is that today's teachers are willing to embrace the computer as a central teaching tool and various digital tools as instructional aids, but only to the extent that they are purposeful and genuinely contribute to the quality of the teaching process.


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