Entrepreneurship Education: A Shift in Perspective

Saba Imtiaz, iFahja, United Kingdom & Pakistan;

Abstract: Entrepreneurship is a crucial driver of economic growth and a significant contributor in socioeconomic progress. Education in entrepreneurship educates and promotes entrepreneurial action. This research seeks to comprehend current trends in entrepreneurship education and assess the efficacy of various entrepreneurship education programs. A growing number of colleges offer entrepreneurship education courses to help students launch and sustain successful businesses. Despite the prominence of entrepreneurship education, there is discrepancy across research papers about the efficacy of entrepreneurship education to encourage and develop entrepreneurship. A lack of awareness of entrepreneurs' educational aims, components, technique, and required resources impedes efforts to cultivate entrepreneurial attitudes and intentions among individuals. Low self-efficacy and a lack of entrepreneurial intent have been associated with inadequate entrepreneurship education. Furthermore, in the digital era and during the COVID-19 pandemic, digital learning platforms (e.g. online entrepreneurship education courses and programs) and other digital tools (e.g. digital game-based entrepreneurship education) have become more relevant to entrepreneurship education. This research contributes to the academic literature on entrepreneurship education by examining and analyzing current trends in entrepreneurship education programs, leading to a better knowledge of how to bridge the gap between entrepreneurial development needs and higher education institutions.


Key words: Entrepreneurship, academic entrepreneurship, education, COVID-19, digital learning




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