Experiences and incentives from immigration to the West of Slovakia

Prof. PaedDr. Ján Danek, PhD., University of Ss Cyril and Methodius, Slovakia, ID CLEaR2017-464;     Abstract: Migration is  phenomenon of multicultural relationhips  in human history which helps  people to gain  a new  knowledge, skills and insights into the world and life. In this sense the article deals with general values  and values of immigrants in  life, culture and intercultural relations in territory of West Slovakia. The essence and emphasis of the  analysis  of the problem  is oriented to the importance of the arrival and the acceptance  of forest people ( honcokars, Holzhäcker ) from Germany and Austria to the  high quality  of forest managment  to the level of inter -country relations and to interpersonal and intercultular tolerance.

Key words : migration, multicultural relations,forest people, knowlegde, tolerance, education, West Slovakia

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