How effective is the acquisition of English as a Foreign Language in Higher Education?

Carlos Mario Cardenas Parra, Colombia: The need of the tools to use them has helped us to maintain a set of new functions which make life easier, one of the main examples that surround us in our daily life , is the ability that today in the 21st Century they have a social network and the use of the computer as a generator of new academic opportunities , even for low-income people. This prior knowledge, which has student entering the formal education wing the city of Bogota, has a great impact on how to develop new observations of the paradigm shift about the use and the way in which the teaching of English as a Foreign Language is focused. The importance of the use of language echoes to generate instruments that generate more impact in the classroom, in order to improve the communicative ability of listening and speaking English. The objective of the study is to determine how the intentions of the individuals of this research intend to analyze and show the most common faults in the acquisition of English as a foreign language through social networks. To this end, the research question is as follows: How effective is the acquisition of English as a Foreign Language manages the learning of first semester students of a public university in the classroom? The research question is answered through a case study, which involves questionnaires interviews with a certain group of people, these results indicate the academic and social impact that social networks provide us in our training process as English teacher.


Key words: Technology, Social Networks, Significant learning



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