ABDUL AWAL & MD PARVES SIKDER (Bangladesh), ID CLEaR2017-420;        ABSTRACT:  The paper reveals the socio-linguistic position of Bangladesh where numerous native varieties and ingenious or ethnic language are under the risk of ‘Language Loss’. AT present day language loss has become a common phenomenon in different territories in the world, Bangladesh is in no difference. Language loss in Bangladesh is associated with several socio-political and cultural reasons as well as the unconsciousness of language planning and policy making. It is noted that due to the domination of one variety or language over another language or another variety has made the threat of language loss. Our study explores, the historical and political debates about language policy making in this land. We know that language loss is vividly accompanied with the loss of cultural, aboriginal and racial heritage. The paper also accumulates the picture of language loss of different countries with references. It is believed that the course of language loss is executed by oppression and suppression as well as the trap of power politics. The papers interlinks between linguicism and language loss, which can be considered as a violation of Linguistic Human Rights of Bangladesh. We believe that language loss can be reversed and ceased some propositions are asserted in this study about how to eradicate the language loss in intra-national and international levels with due references.

Key Words: Language Loss, Linguicism, Language policy, Linguistic Human Rights, Language Death, Language Suicide  


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