Language Teachers’ Opinions on the Usage of Children’s Literature Works

Erhan SEN, Turkey, ID LLCE2016-325;      Teachers could be a guide to the child readers for literary pleasure, appreciation, or reading habit in language and literature teaching. Their choices on literature works, recommendations on readings, or their chosen form both the child’s reading habits and their in-course activities. In this line, the aim of this study is to analyze the Turkish Language Teachers’ Opinions on the Usage of Children’s Literature Works.

The audio recording data was collected from the Turkish teachers via “semi-structured interviews” basing upon “the Case Study” in Qualitative Research. The sampling consists of 10 teachers (5 female, 5 male). The data analysis was done by the method of content analysis. The following reasons for choosing the sampling are:  1. those taken the children literature courses at undergraduate or graduate degree (first and second degree), 2. Those graduated from any department of the education faculty, 3.  Those having at least three-year teaching experience in an educational institution (state or private).

Keywords: Turkish language teaching, the teachers’ opinions, children literature, case study, interview.



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