Learning and teaching English in digital age : Challenges and remedies

Bahri Fouzia, Kasdi Merbah University in Ouargla, Algeria, ID LLCE2017-148;       Abstract: As a matter of fact ,no one can deny that the digital revolution invade our life in all aspects .We recognize that our students become digital learners ,they use technology in everyday situations but  we are still analogic. It is high time for teachers and even our higher education institutions to adopt new ideas ,new approaches and new teaching methods that are interesting ,up to date and relevant for the digital age .In other words ,we need 21st teachers that are ready to face this challenge and teach those learners a responsible use of technology. This paper attempts to investigate the impact of using  technology among university students in learning english and  its influence in their academic performance. And we attempt to answer this question :  How can teachers face such challenges ?

Key words : teaching  method , learning , technology ,higher education, efl classroom



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