Legal English Communicative Competence of Czech Lawyers – Language Skills and Language Systems Specifics

Czech Republic, ID LLCE2015-181

Based on the methodological framework of the currently undertaken dissertation project and results of the pilot study conducted in its early stages, the objective of the presentation will be to report on the results of the main study performed in the period between 2014 and 2015. In this respect, attention will be paid to the two main branches of the project: 1) content analysis of interviews conducted with legal professionals with the aim of determining the specifics of Legal English Communicative Competence in the area of the language skills and 2) register analysis focusing on the classification of the most common lexical bundles in order to specify the most important lexico-grammatical features representing here the domain of language systems.  

Key words: Legal English Communicative Competence, content analysis, lexical bundles, language skills, language systems 




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