Literary texts as a tool for teaching translation to engineers

O. Anossova, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, RUDN University, Russia, ID CLEaR2017-455;      Abstact: To achieve understanding of cultural discrepancies while teaching English vs. Russian translation the literary texts can serve as a medium for creating an educated engineer’s background. Authentic literary texts (or their fragments) written in English in 18-19 centuries are abundant in words, grammatical and syntactic structures, historical, literary and social context examples corresponding to the appropriate formality level for any engineering student who start their scientific career with writing scientific articles in English and contributing to scientific journals or Open Access platforms. Engineering students when they learn translation are emerged into scientific and technology discourse at university and the discourse could be enriched with the literary context of the Pre-Romantic, Romantic essays or novels, as well as fragments from biographical and epistolary heritage of the universally educated literary critics, journalists, novelists, scientists and explorers of the past epoch.

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