Managing Student's Writing Errors Through Cooperative Learning

Amina Omrani, Kasdi Merbah University, Ouargla, NIgeria, ID CLEaR2017-465;    Abstract: Though the use of cooperative learning has proved its efficiency in different educational fields, it has not been incorporated in FL didactics until recently. After its introduction into EFL class, cooperative learning was limited to oral class since writing was usually regarded as individual activity. Hence, the purpose of the current paper is to investigate the effectiveness of using cooperative learning in enhancing EFL students’ writing performance and eliminating their writing errors. The present study involves 30 second year EFL students at Kasdi Merbah University-Ouargla. The participants are divided into two equal groups: experimental and control. While the control group’s written errors are corrected within the traditional teacher correction method, the corrective feedback on the experimental group’s written errors is provided in a peer correction method within a cooperative learning instruction. The study shows that the application of cooperative learning minimizes EFL students’ written errors and enhances their writing competency.

Key words: cooperative learning - writing errors- corrective feedback.

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