Dalal Bahanshal & Ruaa Hariri, King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia, ID CLEaR2017-480;     Abstract: Many EFL students encounter massive difficulties when learning English and that is mostly due to the limited input of the target language (TL). English in EFL context such as Saudi Arabia is used only inside classrooms, and that leaves students with little opportunity to use TL through natural interaction.  To overcome these problems, teachers of these contexts are always seeking new methods to prompt the English performance of their students.  One way which is found to be of great effect is through the use of technology. Technological approaches have been widely recognized to facilitate the rapid growth in communication and information access.  A great interest has been shifted to the concept of blended learning (BL) in English classes. This article sought to investigate the effectiveness of implementing a free e-learning platform; namely Edmodo, on the learning, interaction, motivation and classroom dynamics of L2 learners.  The study also aims to examine Edmodo’s eligibility in elevating the language level of foundation year students studying at the English Language Institution (ELI) at King Abdul Aziz University (KAU) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  For this type of research, a mixed method of quantitative and qualitative approaches were employed to gather data from 60 female students placed into two separate groups. A positive correlation between students’ English proficiency and the employment of Edmodo was observed. It is intended that the research will contribute to the body of knowledge and raise awareness of the use of blended learning in EFL classes.

Keywords: Technology, Edmodo, EFL, Blended learning 


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