Multicultural education and its barriers

Eva Frýdková & Lukáš Labuda, UCM Trnava, Slovakia, ID LLCE2017-147;         Abstract: In recent years, Multicultural education has been in the centre of attention within literature, various activities and programs, etc. The current society places seemingly contradictory tendencies on teachers to lead their students to be proud on the nation and culture while preparing them for life in a multicultural society. The present paper deals with the issue of what personality the pupil should become in order to meet these seemingly contradictory requirements. We consider the current discussion within media and academic context on the subject of multiculturalism to be so unclear that it is necessary to define the very concept of multiculturalism more clearly. Without an intelligible definition, the teacher implements multicultural education which is based on his subjective understanding and perception of the issue. This is the reason why this paper pays attention on the cooperation of family and school while taking into account the fact that this area of ​​educational reality creates one of the barriers of multicultural education.




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