Multilingual and Multicultural University: Preparation Platform for Prospective International Students

Dr. paed. Anna Stavicka & Dr. Indra Odina, University of Latvia, Latvia, ID CLEaR2017-466;    Abstract: Increased mobility and international cooperation are crucial objectives for Latvia to foster integration to the European Higher Education Area and European Research Area, which builds the basis for the country to utilise its potential for education and research as well as serves as a means to build research capacity, strengthen the image of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and promote the positive image of the country globally. The report will introduce the project which seeks to internationalize the prospective students’ experience before arriving to host countries or enrolling in higher education programmes in the framework of study mobility. The overall objective of the project is to contribute to successful integration of prospective international applicants by providing the preparation service for the studies in Higher Education Institutions. The service will be available and promoted to be used by prospective international students from Europe and beyond prior to arrival in the host country. The methodology will draw upon innovative use of information and communication technologies to produce, make available, distribute cultural content drawing upon innovative teaching/learning methods.

Key words: internationalization, higher education, integration, culture, information and communication technologies

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