Online Microteaching in Pre-Service Teacher Training

Petra Hitková, University of Trnava, Slovakia; Abstract: The paper explores the significance of online microteaching within pre-service teacher training programs. As the landscape of education continues to evolve, propelled by technological advancements and shifts in pedagogical paradigms, the importance of microteaching in shaping future educators cannot be overstated. This paper aims to explain the concept of online microteaching and its seamless integration into pre-service teacher training, underscoring its potential to significantly elevate pedagogical skills, adaptability, and classroom effectiveness. The core of this paper revolves around a comprehensive examination of the merits, obstacles, and best practices associated with the incorporation of online microteaching into teacher education curricula. In doing so, it provides valuable insights for educational institutions and instructors seeking to modernize their teacher training programs. Online microteaching, in particular, offers a dynamic platform for aspiring teachers to refine their craft. It allows them to engage in realistic teaching scenarios, receive constructive feedback, and improve their instructional techniques. Furthermore, the online environment presents unique opportunities for educators to adapt to digital learning tools and diverse classroom settings – a crucial skill set in today's education landscape. Nonetheless, the inclusion of online microteaching does not come without its challenges. The paper explores issues such as the need for robust technological infrastructure, concerns about the authenticity of online teaching experiences, and the potential for reduced interpersonal interactions. To maximize the benefits of online microteaching, the paper outlines best practices, including the incorporation of interactive and immersive teaching simulations and tools for constructive feedback among pre-service teachers. In conclusion, this paper underscores that embracing the possibilities offered by digital platforms and online microteaching can improve pre-service teacher training. By doing so, educational institutions can better equip their future educators to meet the multifaceted demands of modern classrooms, ensuring that teachers are well-prepared to navigate the ever-changing landscape of education.


Keywords: microteaching, online, digital tools, MS Teams, pre-service teacher


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