Realist Playfulness in relation to heritage: imaginary vs. Documentary (When we’ll stop playing, then we’ll disappear)

Andreea Grecu Ciupala, University of Civil Engineering in Bucharest, Romania;     Abstract: Playfulness / key to youth without depreciation and to a life without boredom, why wouldn’t we imagine ways by which we can enliven museum experiences while keeping the scientific character of the exhibited content?

Documentary films determine a reflection applied to an easy to understand language: the image. How much of the filmed image can we use in a museum? This presentation is an invitation to a discussion and can represent a solution to the above question. In order to innovative as Tony Wagner pointed out in Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People who Will Change the world, 2012, we shall confer power and use playfulness, we shall stress out the importance of playing in the training relationship, we shall communicate in the education as well as in arts field and museums as we choose the audience.



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