Task Design and Implementation based on Global Scale of English (GSE)

Derya Gerede, Turkey, ID LLCE2016-340;      Anadolu University School of Foreign Languages was founded in 1998 to equip students with the necessary language skills and strategies to help them cope with their studies regarding their majors in their faculties. Since then, it has gone through a couple of curriculum renewal processes due to the changing needs of the students and the program, the one in 2014 being the last one when the new curriculum was developed based on Global Scale of English (GSE), a standardised, granular scale measuring English language proficiency. The course materials, the supplementary materials, the assignments and more importantly assessment elements were all aligned to the outcomes selected from the GSE. As one of the assessment elements, we decided to have some tasks for writing and speaking production to be completed throughout the term. All the tasks are graded by the teachers using a rating scale developed in house as a component of progressive assessment. In this study, the process of designing the tasks regarding the outcome alignment and the task requirements will be explained in detail, particularly mentioning the implementation of them during the term and the feedback taken on them.

Key Words: GSE, curriculum renewal process, progressive assessment, curriculum development, curriculum elements





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