The effects of mobile learning on EFL vocabulary acquisition

Rastislav Metruk, University of Žilina, Slovakia;       Abstract: Mobile learning (m-learning) seemed to have secured its place in the realms of language education as mobile devices can be regarded as useful, portable, accessible, and personalized tools which aid the language learning process both inside and outside the classroom, offering a number of considerable benefits to EFL learners. This article discusses the impact of m-learning on developing the language system of vocabulary by providing a fundamental insight into this matter, examining both its advantages and disadvantages. Further, several studies are reviewed, out of which recommendations and conclusions are drawn. Most of the papers indicate that mobile learning demonstrates a high potential for vocabulary acquisition. However, it should be also emphasized that teachers and learners may often face some challenges when m-learning is employed, and that higher-education institutions and faculties which prepare prospective language teachers for their teaching profession need to devote assiduous attention to these issues within their methodology classes.    

Keywords: m-learning, MALL, EFL learning, EFL teachers and learners



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