The Influence of Hermetic Literature on Persian traditional literary texts

Dr Hassan Akbari Beiragh, University of Semnan, I.R.Iran, ID LLCE2018-331;     Abstract: A researcher of Iranian philosophy or Persian literature, especialy in mystical fields, have often observed the highly eclectic characteristics in those works. Havin a glance at the history of Iranian thought gives us many examples of an attempt at reconciling the various philosophical, religious and spiritual systems of the old Masters. My object in what follows is to draw attention only to one of the groups of eclectic Greek writings which, in my opinion, have greatly
influenced Iranian thought, i.e. the Corpus Hermeticum. Hermetic writings are a good example of this attempt. For example, we can mention Persian classical poetry which is full of Hermetic elements, elements mixed with Islamic and Iranian beliefs. Of course, it's difficult to distinguish between
these elements. It is derived from the historical study of the spread and development of the Hermetic writings in the East Some of the aspects of this problem will be dealt with in this paper. I shall try to illustrate that influence by giving some evidence from Farsi literaure, mainly in theological spheres.

Keywords: Hermetic writings, Iranian philosophy, Persian literatüre, Influence of Hermetic Literature on Persian literary texts



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