The Merits and Demerits of Globalization

India, ID LLCE2015-105

This is an analysis based on globalization according to my way of understanding. Globalization has become a buzzword at the present world. It is a process of expanding trade and commerce all over the world. There are many benefits globalization. The world has come closer. Now, we can learn and know instantly what is happening in the farthest corner of the world and travel to any country in the shortest possible time. Countries of the world are like families in a village. The people of the world can easily exchange their joys, sorrows and emotions with each other. Thus, we almost have conquered distance and time. If any country is in distress, other immediately comes to assist. However, globalization has some demerits too. In the name of globalization, capitalist countries are enjoying more opportunities by exploiting the poor countries. To grasp the concept of poor peoples, many organization and center such as NGO, health center, education center etc. are set up in the name of development but these are completely exploitation. The capitalist countries take more opportunity from poor peoples in the name of globalization. It also affects our native culture. We are getting influence of western culture due to satellite channels of capitalist and powerful countries. If we want to eradicate these bad influences, we must be concern and aware on the exploitation and bad influence of the capitalist countries. So, to make our world a better place then we must promote mutual understanding and cooperation through globalization.

 Key words: Globalization, Buzzword, Expand, Conquer, Distress, Demerit, Capitalist, Exploitation and Cooperation.



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