The Possible Use of Electronic Mind Mapping in Teacher Training Education (virtual paper)

Ivana Cimermanová, University of Prešov, Slovakia, ID CLEaR2017-493;      Abstract: Divergent thinking can be very important for creative teaching. Usually free-flowing spontaneous collection of ideas is usually analysed and organised, what means convergent thinking is applied following the process of divergent thinking. Mind mapping as a tool to represent individual’s ideas, organise topics and themes in non-linear way to illustrate relations between them have been used in education for decades. The study focusses on the possible effects of mind mapping in teacher training. It specially investigated the possibility of its use in virtual learning environment where it can be used as a collaborative tool what enables teacher to create shared activities. Mind map is one of the brainstorming ways, and what more it can be effectively used in the process of planning writing but also visualising the process of teaching planning and its realisation. Well organised and well planned lesson is an important presumptions of effective teaching/learning process.

Key words: Mind mapping. Collaboration. Convergent thinking. Divergent thinking. Creativity.

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