The Relationship of Stress, Anxiety, and Depression With College Students

Sarah Khayyatpour, Fatemeh Soleymani,  Afshin Khafi, & Mehrdad Tiamchi, University of Bojnourd, Iran, ID CLEaR2017-434;    Abstract: Stress, anxiety, and depression have been detected at many universities as mental health issues constitute complications for many college students. The purpose of this study was to scrutinize potential harmony of stress, anxiety, and depression in a selection of college students. The ultimate examined sample involved 254 undergraduate students ranging in age from 18 to 24 attending the University of Bojnourd. A survey which consisted of demographic questions, questions regarding their level of disquietude interspersed with obstacles germane to daily life (e.g. family, academic, financial), and the 21 question version of the Depression Anxiety Stress Scale was conducted. Results revealed that top four perturbations were financial issues, pressure to succeed, academic performance and post-graduation plans. Statistically, the most stressed out, apprehensive, and disconsolate students were sophomores, transfers, as well as the students with low financial self-efficacy and those who live off-campus. With the proclivity for mental health issues to curtail the triumph of college students, it is imperative that universities perpetually appraise the mental health of their students and modify treatment programs to particularly aim their exigencies.

Keywords: Mental Health, College Students, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Financial Issues, DASS

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