The use of smartphone apps in the process of teaching and learning English

Rastislav Metruk, University of Žilina, Slovakia;     Abstract: The era we live in is indissolubly linked with technological advancements and innovations in almost every sphere of human activity, including education. Mobile-assisted language learning (MALL), which holds an influential position in this regard, affords plenty of opportunity for language acquisition of EFL (English as a foreign language) learners. The growing trend in the shift from using computers to employing smartphones into the teaching and learning process merits further exploration of researchers and practitioners. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to discuss the fundamental concept of smartphone applications in relation to language learning. Moreover, both advantages and downsides of using smartphone apps in the context of language learning process are also discussed. Finally, pedagogical implications and conclusions are drawn. The paper concludes that although the advantages appear to easily outweigh the disadvantages, there are certain aspects which need to be addressed and more closely approached, especially at higher-education institutions which prepare future teachers for their teaching careers.      

Keywords: MALL, smartphone, EFL learning, smartphone apps, EFL teachers and learners




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