Time-Series Visualization of the Collaborative and Metacognitive Processes of English Writing at University, Based on Multilevel Digital Portfolios

Prof. Toru Yamashita, Japan, ID CLEaR2017-460;      Abstract: Multilevel digital portfolios were recorded on a newly constructed WebDAV system as the results of online self-evaluation and peer-evaluation of university students’ L2 (English) writing. The system could visualize writing and metacognitive processes online to the students, who could develop metacognitive awareness as well as writing skills. In the descriptions of the multilevel portfolios, which consist of the self-evaluation and peer-evaluation of the 1st draft, and the final self-evaluation of the revised draft, time-series changes in the effective use of writing strategies, collaborative metacognition (goal setting, monitoring, and control), self-efficacy, and relationships among these concepts were analyzed by employing both text mining and case study as qualitative methods. The analytical results also showed that the students’ online peer-evaluation using the system could help develop their own metacognitive awareness in the writing process. Consequently, the study could elucidate that the multilevel digital portfolios, based on the approach of CSCL(Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning), contributed to the promotion of active, collaborative, and metacognitive learning.

Key words: Multilevel digital portfolios, Online self-evaluation and peer-evaluation, Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, Time-series changes, Collaborative metacognition, Self-efficacy

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