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Volume 8, Issue 3 (December 2020)

Ngoc Son Phan: Culinaronyms in formatting linguocultural competence in teaching Russian as a foreign language

DOI: 10.2478-jolace-2020-0018.pdf


Addisu Sewbihon Getie, Dawit Amogne, Zewdu Emiru: The perceptions of intermediate EFL learners
to the lexical instructional intervention

Jana Bérešová & Alice Micallef: Online interaction descriptors: A tool for the development of tasks for language competences and language use

DOI: 10.2478-jolace-2020-0020.pdf


Muhammad Arif Soomro, Ayyaz Ahmed, Insaf Ali Siming, Mukhtiar Ali Rajper, & Sameena Malik: Towards Investigation of Instructional “Hiccups”

of ELT Fraternity in EFL classroom

DOI: 10.2478-jolace-2020-0021.pdf


Petra Trávníčková: Portfolios within the preschool environment

DOI: 10.2478-jolace-2020-0022.pdf


Peter Kleman: The effects of guessing confidence on anticipatory behaviour in context understanding

DOI: 10.2478-jolace-2020-0023.pdf


Pinar Sinan Malec: Linguistic complexity of lecturers’ class register and its relationship to their personality traits

DOI: 10.2478-jolace-2020-0024.pdf


Uchechukwu E. Madu: Traditional Segregation: Encoded Language as Powerful Tool. Insights from Okǝti Ụmụakpo-Lejja Ọmaba chant

DOI: 10.2478-jolace-2020-0025.pdf


Tamara Kuprina, Anastasia Maltseva,  Anna Petrikova: The method of educational programs localization under internationalization of academic environment

DOI: 10.2478-jolace-2020-0026.pdf


Ahmed Joudar: The temporary return to the homeland in Michael Ondaatje’s Running in the Family

DOI: 10.2478-jolace-2020-0027.pdf




Volume 8, Issue 2 (November 2020)

Zuzana Straková: Implementation of plurilingual approach into the foreign language teaching

DOI: 10.2478-jolace-2020-0010.pdf


Christopher A. Smith: Establishing a zone of prioritized curricularivity: exploring a critical approach to negotiating multimodal discourses in EFL textbooks

DOI: 10.2478-jolace-2020-0011.pdf


Merilyn Meristo: The French Language Olympiad: Promoting language and culture learning

DOI: 10.2478/jolace-2020-0012.pdf


Beata Gajdošová, Oľga Orosová, Jozef Benka, Guido Van Hal, Vihra Naydenova, Andrea Lukács, Janina Petkevičienė: Life satisfaction, dimensions of internalized cultural values and self-efficacy related to emigration intentions for a long-term stay abroad of university students in five European countries

DOI: 10.2478-jolace-2020-0013.pdf


Jana Majerčíková & Beata Horníčková: The perspectives of parents in relation to the concepts of the quality of pre-school education. Analysis of research discourse

DOI: 10.2478-jolace-2020-0014.pdf


Akram Faravani & Ensie Taleb: Teachers’ use of Bloom’s Higher Order Questions in Class to Augment EFL Learners' Listening Comprehension and Critical Thinking Ability

DOI: 10.2478-jolace-2020-0015.pdf


Zuzana Součková: Teacher Beliefs and their Manifestation in Teaching from the Perspective of Pre-service Teacher Trainees

DOI: 10.2478-jolace-2020-0016.pdf


Amna Arshad, Syed Kazim Shah, & Muhammad Ahmad: Investigating cultural contents in English language teaching materials through textbook evaluation

DOI: 10.2478-jolace-2020-0017.pdf    


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