10 ways to use video in class

Slovakia, ID LLCE2015-242

With today´s classroom equipment, it is easier than it was before to use video when we teach. TVs and DVD players are well established as class resources, but we can use other modern equipment such as projectors or interactive whiteboards to play video clips, too. Projecting clips onto a whiteboard or using interactive whiteboard is very similar to how to use a television, but the great advantage is that you can write on it while the video plays! In my presentation, I´ll provide you with some practical activities for using video in class, as using video is not only enjoyable, however, there´s much more than simply enjoyment. Using video motivates students and helps to develop language skills. Moreover, it provides exposure to culture and cultural gestures. Let´s look at some useful activities that might help you to exploit video clips in your lesson.



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