An Analysis to Role of Green Architecture in Achievement of Urban Green Growth in Iran

Mir Saeed Moosavi, Fatemeh Jafari, & Laleh Davatgar Badie, Iran, ID LLCE2017-113;        Abstract: Among different factors influencing urban ecology, building activity is one of the most important human activities, and plays a determining role in the formation of the urban environment. But simultaneously, it is also a significant consumer of natural resources and an emitter of greenhouse gas (GHG) as well as other wastes and pollutants, resulting in irreversible impacts on the natural environment.

In the past decades, a tremendous effort has been put into research and development in order to improve building systems and technologies with a goal of reducing energy consumption and advancing energy efficiency approaching green standards. However, there is little to no published quantifiable evidence for assessment the energy consumption and efficiency with the framework of green building standards in Iran. In this paper the intention is discus different challenges and horizons related to achievement of green building standards in Iran.

Keywords: building, green growth, urban environment.



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