Analysis of CLIL Learners’ Written Products

Slovakia, ID Výzvy2016-527;     When writing in a foreign language, learners have to apply the mechanism of writing (handwriting), spelling, punctuation, morphological rules, lexis, syntax, transferring, organization of text, discourse signals, and creativity. Contemporary research distinguishes a number of approaches to teaching writing in English as a Foreign Language (EFL). The teacher can apply various classroom activities, such as free, guided, and controlled ones. The presented research is focused on evaluation of written products of lower secondary CLIL learners of English in Slovakia. The method of critical analysis was used to identify the most common mistakes in English written text by Slovak learners. The results of the analysis provide some guidelines for effective teaching of writing useful for EFL teacher.

Key words: writing skills, free writing, lower secondary learners, correction, evaluating, CLIL



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