Axiological constants in Jaroslava Blažková's texts for children

Gabriela Magalová, University of Trnava, Slovakia;     Abstract: Jaroslava Blažková is a Slovak author for children and adults, who moved with her family from Slovakia to Canada in 1968. During the socialist era, she was an undesirable person, her books were not published. As she moved to Canada, Jaroslava Blažková was not a very productive author, she wrote the texts rarely. Her connection with the Slovak territory was restored remotely only after 1990. From the point of view of her work, it is difficult to find the line between the literature written for children and the literature written for adults. Her books published after the year 2000 have the character of memories and can be offered to the readers of a wide age category. This study is focused on Jaroslava Blažková's text Minka a Pyžaminka (2003) that can be characterised as one of her last books for children. The book was written and published in Slovak language. The above mentioned text points out some axiological constants and changes in the author's artistic strategy.



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