Being Digital

Roman Čančinov, Slovakia, ID CLEaR2016-399;    Everybody wants to be digital – students, headmasters, teachers and parents. Being digital is not only modern, but effecient and beneficial, too. Integration of interactive whiteboards, internet, computers or DVDs into a school curriculum has been here for years. A new device started to be popular with young people – tablet influences life of students and teachers. So why not to find the way how to use it within classroom. Using technologies, included tablets, allows teachers to become a facilitator, a moderator or even a student´s partner and they are able to transfer learning both within a classroom and beyond. In the presentation we will look at a survey that was done with Slovak lower primary and upper primary teachers. Are the Slovak teachers able to work with tablets? Are they willing to use them in class? We will look at some benefits of using tablets and automation vs. creation apps that can help students to practice and / or produce a language.
Key words: digital, technology, tablet, application, creation, automation



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