Caribbean literature as a commitment for social function

Nigeria, ID LLCE2015-166

Literature as a mimesis does not exist in a vacuum since it mirrors real life experience of the society. Caribbean literature is provoked by historical experiences of the African slaves in West Indies who were fragmented physically, socially, psychologically and culturally. Caribbean literature as a social reference interrogates into the history of the Caribbean to find out and to educate the younger generation on how their ancestors suffered and survived slavery, colonization and oppression - which stifles their social mobility, creativity and potential growth. This research therefore aims to encourage all blacks to be proud of their slave history in any circumstances to boost their identity and self esteem. This echoes Andrea Levy's interview inThe Long Song where she asserts that "if your forefathers survived slavery, they were strong." And also to acknowledge their past, embrace their present in other to build the future.

Key words: History, Identity, slavery and colonisation



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