CLIL as a tool for enhancing cooperation and interdisciplinary approach of learning

Hurajová Ľudmila & Luprichová Jana, Slovakia, ID CLIL2016-711;         Since the time CLIL became a serious way for improving foreign language learning, it has passed more than two decades and CLIL has been used in diverse forms around Europe on all level of education. Many scholars in Europe, Asia and in some states of the Latin America have been trying to find the right form of CLIL application into learning-teaching environment. Teachers in some states are required to implement CLIL into lessons on regular basis and CLIL or better to name it, in some cases, bilingual lessons are compulsory for students at Secondary and at Primary schools (for example Italy, Portugal). There is also high demand on internationalization of tertiary level of education. We believe, that CLIL as an integrated approach of learning requires new teacher competences that are deployed in CLIL application into education process. One of them is cooperation competence, cooperation both among teachers within a school and between national schools or/and schools abroad via international projects. In this contribution we describe our observation findings within the ERASMUS + project “Transnational exchange of good CLIL practice among European Educational Institutions” running from 2015 including 6 project members from 5 EU countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Sweden and Slovakia) from all level of education. We aim at demonstrating importance of cooperation among teachers on various levels to set up efficient CLIL learning-teaching environment. We also debate need for enhancing project competence of CLIL teachers and necessity of interdisciplinary approach to learning. Finally, we discuss how CLIL can spin “internationalization “ of Higher Education

Key words: CLIL, teacher competence, interdisciplinary approach, cooperation among teachers, project work




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