Combinatorial Creativity in Education and Culture for 21st Century

Ionel Botef,  South Africa, ID LLCE2017-101;     Abstract: Studies show that creativity is a combination of past human achievements so, to a good extent, nothing is entirely original. However, to truly create and connect the countless dots from the past, one must have knowledge, skills, insights, and inspiration gathered over the course of one’s life. The recombination of ideas from a wealth of disciplines is not new but, more than ever, the approach is required in the present century. However, due to the complexity of our culture, there are many shortcomings that affect its implementation. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to explore why the combinatorial creativity concept did not succeed in leading to a more efficient educational and creative society. Based on the paper's qualitative findings supported by authorities, evidence, or logic spanning language, literature, arts, science, IT, 3D printing, and philosophy, essentially, it is argued that the various approaches to education are interdependent and so, should not be viewed in isolation, but should be viewed as components of a broad framework that unites them and that finally leads to a more innovative 21st century learning and culture.

Keywords: Creativity, Concepts, Unity, Education, Culture, Integration



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