Comparative Literature and Globalization

   Iran, LLCE2015-119

In general comparative studies of comparative literature are a particular form of cultural studies that aim to investigate and analysis the impressions of civilizations and various cultures on each other. On the other hand, the theory or phenomenon of globalization links strictly with both culture and civilization, and wholeheartedly, following the idol of monoculture in the world. Accordingly, comparative literature is able to have a significant relationship with the theory of globalization.

   It is imaginable to find at least two kinds of links between these two theories with an analytical look.  First, comparative literature provides intellectual background of globalization phenomenon by investigating the horizons of various cultures and civilizations, and finding the common human thoughts. However, on the other hand comparative literature and comparative studies introduce unchangeable and dominance framework of civilizations, and also have something to say about the possibility or necessity of globalization. This paper aims to evaluate the efficiency of both approaches in contrast with each other.

   Keywords: Globalization, Comparative studies, Comparative literature, Relationship between literature and globalization



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