Conceptual mapping as an innovative means for foreign language teaching

Slovakia, ID Výzvy2016-452;         The study is aimed at the issues of conceptual mapping as mental representation of the curriculum in a teaching process in terms of developing its effectiveness. A conceptual map helps students not only in remembering knowledge, but it can also recode information into the form that is easier to remember. In addition, visualization of the internal knowledge system prevents from passive memorizing and supports learning comprehension.

The study is also aimed at the identification learning style - mental representation relationships of learner´s curriculum. LSI Questionnaire  by R. Dunnová – K. Dunn – G.E. Price, mind mapping test and chi-square statistics were used for evaluating the research findings. The research sample included of 115 respondents. The result analysis showed that the learning style factors have no influence on the mental representation of learner´s curriculum.

Keywords:  Learning style, mental mapping, mental representation of learning matter, preconception, semantic network, hierarchy.



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