Culturaly-bound Taboo Language in medical Discourse: A Case Study of embarrassing discoursal topics

Jordan, ID CLEaR2015-278;

In globalisation and a fast changing world, discoursal and cultural studies become more significan to facilitate understanding among nations belonging to different cultures.  The field of medicine discourse has also its own linguistic and cultural  feutures though many people think that the medical discoursa is direct and does not touch culture. Our study confirms that the medical discourse cannot be separated from culture, religion and other social norms. Our data were collected from a bilingual medical situation in the faculty of medicicne of Jordan University of Science and Technology including its teaching hospital. Filtering out the data showed that not only medicine is culturally bound, but also it is  highly sensitive to discoursal linguistic use. Moreover, medical high sensitivity could also pose problems to culturally  improper  language  use by physicians and nurses, particularly because recently we have started to hear of new medical associations like Doctors without borders, cross-boundaries physicians, medical Sans Frontiers, etc. It is because of the these fast changing considerations we believe or study should be significant and recommended to be read by medical paeople who travells a lot to help need refugees, immigrants and displaced people in politically hot areas.



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