Culture Component and Its Understanding in Foreign Language Teaching

Ivana Cimermanova, University of Presov, Slovakia, ID LLCE2018-378;    Abstract: If we accept the language definition as „a symbolic system in which a series of sounds make up words to represent an idea, object, or a person and eventually becomes a medium through which we speak
individualistic vs. collectivist cultures“ than we have to admit that culture should be an important part of foreign language learning. It is often determined as the fifth language skills. Language and cultures are intertwined and many communication misunderstandings and problems are due to non-language issues. The article brings some recommendations how to use culture to motivate learners, how to use big C and little c culture to help learners learn language. The paper also brings some examples of materials designed for students of primary, secondary and tertiary levels based on literature and visual arts.

Keywords: language teaching, culture, literature, visual arts,



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