Denotative equivalence in the translation of business texts

Renata Silhanova, Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic, ID LLCE2018-367;    Abstract: The article deals with the translation of texts from the field of professional language. It focuses on the lexical specifics of selected texts and their translation, which seems to be problematic from the interpreter´s viewpoint. Attention is paid to both the translation of the terminology and the general language lexicon. For the analysis based on the different translation strategies a text was selected dealing with a company´s quality management system - the Quality Assurance Agreement. Besides the treatise on professional and commercial language and on text types used in companies, with topics including the quality management, the fundamental topic of the article is the translation. In this context, the concept of equivalence is defined and clarified as the basic concept of translatology defining the relation between the source language and the target language and the degree of consistency between them. The article further deals with the translating strategy of business texts, and problems with the source intended for translation into Czech / German.

Key words: translation, professional language, denotative equivalence, text type, business text



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