Do we need culture? The sociocultural remarks on communicative approach in foreign language teaching

Monika Lis, Poland, ID LLCE2017-177;       Abstract: The answer seems to be obvious. Yes. We need universal experiences, social rituals and social conventions to be included into our communicative competence. Without them it is not possible to gain the community thru language. It is therefore advisable to include sociocultural knowledge as a part of foreign language teaching. For that matter the different ethnic origin fallowed by different cultural background of students should be taken into consideration to prepare entire and effective sociocultural programme. The speaker will present the subject area and the idea of contrastive approach in relaying the sociocultural knowledge to students in communicative approach providing for comparison of the culture of students` country. The model will be based on own research on multicultural students learning Polish language as foreign and results will be compared to Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR).    

Key words: sociocultural knowledge, foreign language teaching, communicative approach, CEFR



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