English vocabulary in computer game player’s language

Marta Szymańska & Paweł Sporek, Poland, ID LLCE2016-335;       The aim of the text is to present language of contemporary computer game player’s, a specially how they are using the English vocabulary. The paper presents a research which took place in primary and secondary school (10-16 years). The study included about 300 pupils. The researchers used a questionnaire to find the answer for the research questions. There was four complex questions concerning on:

  • the preferences of lexical choices,
  • the knowing of meaning,
  • the skill of using certain vocabulary,
  • the degree of rootedness in the national language,
  • the skill of translating into Polish language.

The results of this research are presented graphically with different variables.


Key words: game player’s language, school, language borrowings, communication





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