Flexibility in the use of LMS Moodle in English Lexicology Blended Learning Course

Slovakia, ID Výzvy2016-405;        Due to the fact that we live in the “age of unprecedented technological development”, it must be admitted that technologies have their place in modern education, particularly foreign language education, at any given level. In order to implement technologies into education, Slovak universities often use various LMSs (Leaning Management Systems), such as Moodle, which provide creating of online courses. The present research study aims to investigate the potential of flexibility from the point of view of place, time, and technological device used by students for study purposes within an English lexicology blended learning course supported by LMS Moodle. The study employs the methods of focus groups and the analysis of quantitative records about the activity of the students in an online course created in LMS Moodle. The results show that blended learning nature of the course is very beneficial for the students since the flexibility in terms of place, time and technological device supports their autonomy and develops students’ responsibility for learning. Hence, the present study demonstrates the effective use of the LMS Moodle in language education.

Keywords: English lexicology, Learning Management System Moodle, technologies, English as a Foreign Language, flexibility



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