Foreign Language Education to Seniors through Intergenerational Programmes

Ctibor Határ, Petra Jedličková & Marianna Müller de Morais, Slovakia, ID LLCE2016-229;      Intergenerational learning within various types of social environments and in relation to different target groups has long covered a wide range of uses. Professional literature mostly describes its benefits for children and young people, however, intergenerational education also contributes to personality development and saturation of educational and psycho-social needs of both adults and seniors. The paper represents the authors’ output of the VEGA research project No. 1/0176/15, and it is structured into three chapters. In the first chapter, the author deals with the foreign language education opportunities for (not only) disabled seniors.  In the second chapter, the author elaborates on the psychological aspects of foreign language education of seniors. The third chapter focuses on intergenerational programmes that can be used in language education of (not only) disabled seniors who are clients of a social service facilities.

Key words: (not only) disabled seniors; foreign language education; psychological aspects of foreign language education of seniors; intergenerational learning and programmes; social service facilities.




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