George Grebenstchikoff’s Early Autobiographical Writings: the Reflection of Cultural Trauma and Identity

Oxana Tolstonozhenko, Russia, ID LLCE2017-125;      Abstract: The subject of the paper are G. Grebenstchikoff’s cultural trauma that was caused by his origin and lack of education, and his cultural identity among literary groups in the early XX century. The storybook In the Vast of Siberia, the essays cycle Letters to Friends and other autobiographical writings are analysed according to the sociological concept of the literary field that provides an opportunity to interpret author’s strategy of describing his experience and literary career. It was found that the main Grebenstchikoff’s character, who is primarily an author, attempts to obtain the same public acclaim that famous classic writers have, and at the same time feels that he is beyond the metropolitan cultural society because of his peasant origin.

Key words: trauma, identity, literary autobiography, literary field.



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