Giving an effective academic presentation (workshop)

Roman Čančinov, Prešov University, Slovakia, ID LLCE2017-178;        Abstract: Whether you are a university teacher or a (doctoral) student you might be asked to present your ideas, results of your academic research or simply to give a presentation to your students or your colleagues. Presenting information effectively and clearly is an important skill when getting your message across to the audience. Although there are a lot of modern tools that are used to deliver a message to an audience, the PowerPoint is still the most useful and favourite tool that allows you to prepare a good presentation. This workshop offers practical ideas and tips on how to prepare a good academic presentation, how to structure it, how to deliver your message in an effective way and how to present data at conferences and in other contexts. It is worth thinking more about the content and layout of your presentation before starting to create slides. Keep it simple and short is one of the rules. Let´s explore other rules that make your presentation professional, as you are a professional.

Key words: presentation, presentation skills, PowerPoint, key messages, useful phrases



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